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At Heralgi we at the forefront of techniques and designs. We thrive to convey craftmanship and handmade into every piece as each one contains a part of us.
But all this can only be done with a committed, resolute and hard-working human team that in many cases has accompanied Heralgi since its inception, going through all its changes and contributing in the best possible way.

Ultimately, a hetereogeneous and cohesive team, with a common objective and a marked customer-focused purpose, who enjoys our products. Each of the workers being a fundamental part in the operation of the company.


One of the things we value most within Heralgi is our R&D team which are always developing the best products, new processes and working methods. A clear result of this are the designs we offer and the technological advances that, together with specialized external laboratories, set us at the forefront. And all this is not at odds with the newest and most current design, being proof of this the renowned design award, REDDOT Design Award 2018 for our TAG collection. It was the recognition of our designers and the crazy idea of wanting to keep art in mind in our products.

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