Custom tiles

At Heralgi we offer uniqueness in each project, creating personalized tiles that give the identity you are looking for for each of your spaces, whether indoors or outdoors

We all know how important exteriors are to your particular project or to any business, as it can be a decisive aspect to attract your customers

We offer different styles and designs to fit the design you have in mind and adapt to any project you can imagine. That's why we differentiate four brand lines where we fit our small format flooring and ceramic coatings: Belle, Balance, Evolution and Unique.

Custom tiles

La flexibilidad y dinamismo de nuestro proceso de fabricación nos permite personalizar partidas de azulejos convirtiéndose en en piezas únicas que se adaptan a cualquier tamaño que tu proyecto necesite.

To combine tradition and trend is to have a unique decorative element, always with a marked Heralgi seal.

Custom tiles purchase

In Heralgi we manufacture with the best raw materials and techniques that allow us almost the impossible, to achieve numerous shades of colors and effects.

Tiles are decorative elements with a wide tradition. Their strength, versatility and beauty, position them as the best alternative to make their own designs, both outdoors and indoors.

Our collections are made in various sizes to suit the need for your space. One of the most sought after sizes for its versatility is the 15×15 and the custom tile 20×20.

ATLANTA AMB3 - Azulejos personalizados

Custom Tile Types

We have four large collections that offer different styles and designs in order to fit into all kinds of personality and adapt to any project you can imagine. Within each collection, we divide them into four brand lines.

  • Balance It is simplicity and harmony, it is the quietest collection of Heralgi, perfect to personalize your stay giving it a timeless touch that never goes out of style.
  • Evolution it's color and more color. An animated and vibrant collection. Definitely, with this collection you will make your project unique and personal.
  • Unique it consists of unique pieces with different reliefs and shapes, our most customizable collection.
  • En Belle we include the collections that stand out for their worked strokes and details, providing a unique personality in each tile
TREA AMB 2 - Azulejos personalizados

Custom Outdoor Tiles

Do you know the advantages of outdoor ceramics? The tiles are easy to clean, resistant to external factors and easy to place.

If in addition to all the technical advantages that ceramics has, you are added the possibility to customize your tiles, your project will reach another level.

Custom Tiles

For its quality, properties and format, the decorative tile mosaic is essential, both for individuals and professionals, so that the decoration of your projects has a plus of personality.

Custom tiles

Project Tiles

Con más de 180 colores y en 113 formatos distintos se presenta nuestro proyecto Project Tiles. Podrás combinar diferentes formatos, relieves y colores para que tu proyecto sea 100% personalizado.

Si tienes que realizar un proyecto y quieres que tu cliente obtenga ese sello único y personal que tanto desean, con Project Tiles podrás elegir el pavimento y revestimiento con el que conseguirás un trabajo único con las mismas prestaciones y calidad que cualquier otro producto Heralgi.