Small tiles

With over 25 years of experience in the tile manufacturing process, we are specialits in small sizes offering the best solutions in floor as well as in wall tiles for every projects

In HERALGI we have always worked in small sizes trying to it bigger, creating unique atmospheres. We have many lines with actual and atemporal design as the hexagonal tiles are, doing our original, exclusive and unique tiles

Small tiles specs

The small tiles are very flexible and allows to create original combinations depending of it's wall disposition

One of the main applications in the bathroom is the hexagonal tile in small size which are used to mark any detail that customer wants to re mark since the small size is beter to create this special designs.

Further, if the wall surface is irregular, the best option is to use small sizes avoiding any relief problem.

Small sizes tile kind

The trend to decorate with those small size tile is the most used in those last years.

The hex tiles are the most popular to be decorating the baths since they are a renovated classic which is a fashion because of it's geometric shape. They have a nice estetic and are adapted till avery decoration style.

The most usual is to use the neutral colors for the walls and an hexagonal floor tile which will be contrasting with the wall.

Noyt just bath is the favourite places to be using small sizes tiles but also in the kitchen. If you have an open kitchen, the small tiles are a great option. You can integrate them in the backsplash and then paint.

Inside the infinite universe that ceramic offer us, small rectangular tiles have been (and are being) a key element on it. Its power and estetic are just some of the reasons because of designers, architects and interiorists use to instal this small size tiles like a main in their projects.

In addition, there are many decorative possibilities that rectangular tiles offer us, both visually and functionally. Whether for shades, finishes, size or geometry, these ceramic pieces have the power to transform space.

The small refers to the craftsmanship, hence covering the walls of bathrooms and kitchens with small tile is a very good idea. If they are also pieces with color, it will be a round choice.

Custom tiles

terrace tiles

We are in continuos evolution offering always the best products

The flexibility and dynamism in manufacturing that our production process provides, allows us to customize tile games for all kinds of projects and requirements with careful service to our customers and tight delivery times.

Fish scale Tile

Fish scale Tile

The scallop tiles are able to dress every area and give its own personality

In addition, like all small formats, they have great versatility in their placement, because depending on the effect you want to give it, you can place the tiles up or down.

Design tiles

azulejos de diseño heralgi - Azulejos

Exclusivity is what we offer our clients in their projects, where we understand that unique and different pieces are everything.