Fish scale Tile

One of the latest trends in ceramic coating for bathrooms, kitchens or any other room are so-called fish scale tiles. A commitment to an increasingly demanded design.

Features of flake-shaped tiles

The forms and volumes combined in order to get closer to an interpretation of nature is increasingly appreciated

With this type of ceramic coating you manage to enhance the walls with an explosion of color and shapes making our bathroom or our kitchen claim prominence.

Classic ceramic enamels applied to these scale tiles seek to be another element to consider when setting and decorating a space in your home

Floor tiles
TREA AMB 1 - Escamas

Buy fish scale-shaped tiles

From Heralgi we bring you this format with our Trea CollectionA collection consisting of a coating in super white paste 15×13.5cm / 6"x5.3" and a pavement, in porcelain stoneware in 20x20cm / 8"x8" format, which combined will create an avant-garde and original space which will not go unnoticed.

The fish scale tile has been designed in two different finishes, the Convex and the Wall. This flake ceramic brings a different and special touch playing with the volumes as in the case of Convex.

In addition, the colors of this collection are impressive. White, grey, Aqua, Pink or Mustard. Any of them brings vitality and elegance to its walls without taking the lead from the characteristic shape of this Trea collection.