Design Tiles

Having a design space gives new meaning to your life. If you create a different and unique space where you feel comfortable you don't want to leave it. How can you get it? The answer is simple, with design tiles, that will make your space unique, different and completely tailored to you.

At Heralgi we are specialists in small format offering the best solutions of both pavement and ceramic coating for all kinds of interior design projects.

Tile Designs

When we reform any room, one of the things that costs the most to decide is the type of tiles that will be used, that is why the best option is to have a professional architect or interior designist that shapes that idea that you have in mind.

The first thing an interior designer would do would be to study space, size and proportions well, so that, if the area is small, visually increase it by combining light and dark design tiles for more depth and dynamism.

It is also important to pay special attention to the quality of the materials and their placement, so it is vital to seek the balance between design and functionality.

Bathroom tile designs

The first step is to define the decorative style that you like the most.

Modern, Nordic, rustic? The style will be essential for the choice of design tiles. If your style is Nordic, the best option is to use the white color and combine it with woods.

If your idea is to have a more classic and timeless bathroom, hydraulic tiles and marble finish will be your best choice.

Whatever your choice, a highly recommended option is to highlight the front of the sink or shower with tiles of different colors and shapes to highlight this part and give personality to your bathroom.

In the event that the bathroom does not have much light input, you can bet on design tiles in light and bright tones to gain clarity, so any of our linewould Balance be a good option to give birth to your bathroom.

NEON 2019 AMB 1 scaled - Diseño

Interior Design and Ceramic Architecture

When we want to make a reform or start a new work, most of the time we do not have the time or knowledge to know what best suits our space and the possibilities it has.

Hiring an interior designman or architect is often ruled out because they do not know the functions they have or because of the false myth that it is an expensive service available to very few.

But the work of an interior designer will save you a lot of money in the future, since its goal is to create environments and make the most of the available space, ensuring maximum use of your space.

Thanks to their training and the constant updating in ceramic trends, they will be able to choose the best option among the wide range offered by ceramics, being able to combine colors, textures creating a harmonious and functional space.

At Heralgi we work hand in hand with architects and interior designers to which we offer our extensive experience to carry out their projects. With the wide range of ceramic collections that we have, you will surely find the ideal choice to design your dream space.

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Tiles Design Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in any home and in which many hours are spent. Gone is what is just a space to cook and has become a social space where you can share moments. That is why it is important to design a space with which we can meet our needs.

With the correct choice of kitchen tiles, we will have the style defined, creating a different space. To select the perfect tiles you have to take into account the other details that make up this space, such as furniture or countertop. So choosing designer tiles for the kitchen will make the interaction between furniture and tiles perfect.

Easy cleaning is one of the most important aspects in choosing kitchen tiles, and choosing ceramics is essential for its maintenance thanks to its low porosity, so it will always be a safe bet.